Virtual Assistance

My services include help with:

Making and receiving phone calls on your behalf, in English and French

Composing, typing and sending letters on your behalf.

Translating your correspondence between English and French

Managing your email, writing and receiving mails, responding to questions and sales enquiries for you etc.

Typing up reports, minutes, documents


Entering data into accounts. Please note that I don't design accounts spreadsheets or do your accounting.

There are also a few things that I won't do for you....

I won't do anything illegal

I won't lie on your behalf

I won't do anything unless I feel that's it's to your benefit to do it

I won't do anything unless I'm sure of what I'm doing. This may mean I need to spend time researching. If this is the case I'll warn you first and explain what I need to do, why I need to do it and how long it might take.