The services I offer:

My services include help with:

Translation and interpretation, form filling, learning French

Property search, dealing with estate agents and notaires, moving in

Family matters, finding and registering for schools and CAF (child/family benefits, income support, rent/mortgage benefits)

Health care, finding doctors, dentists, CPAM, applying for your Carte Vitale,
Mutuelles ('top up policies') etc

Cars, registering and insuring your car, contrôle technique

Managing building and renovation projects  

Finding work, starting and running a business

Applying for aids and benefits,  CVs and letters for Pole-Emploi , RSI , URSAFF, CIPAV, RSA (RMI) etc

Property management - keyholding, keeping an eye when you are away, dealing with emergencies, organising cleaning and gardening, gite changeovers etc

I can also help you with:

Banks - setting up and managing accounts, direct debits etc

Notaires - the stages of the buying process, contracts etc

Insurance - house, car, health and other insurance needs

Artisans - finding reliable artisans, understanding devis, project management

Utility providers - organising changeovers, meter readings, bill payments

Internet and phone companies - finding the best ISP phone and mobile providers for your needs, connecting your computer.

Mairies - planning applications, local taxes etc

Emergency Services - interpreting in case of health problems and other emergencies

Neighbours - introducing yourself, making friends, dealing with disputes

Police - Arranging meetings, accompanying you, explaining procedures etc
There are also a few things I won't do for you..

I won't do anything illegal.
I won't lie on your behalf.
I won't do anything unless I feel it's to your benefit that I do it.
I won't do anything unless I'm sure of what I'm doing. This may mean I need to spend time researching. If this is the case I'll warn you first and explain what I need to do, why I need to do it and how long it might take.